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End of Nippon Month 2017

March 31, 2017


Wow, time just flies by.. Is March already over? Man, it feels like it just started? Well I had a blast at least, even though it felt like it could have lasted way longer. Why is it that when the end of March is coming, I come up with all sorts of things I could […]

J-Pop And Idol Groups – Nippon Month 2017

March 31, 2017


Okay, so I actually had an idea that I would be discussing why I enjoy this kind of music, but then I remembered that I already did something similar back in 2015, when I was writing in Swedish. So I thought why not translate that one into English, improve upon it and maybe see if […]

And Speaking of Kitaro… – Nippon Month

March 30, 2017


I got an email the other day from Domo Records telling me that there’s a new Kitaro album coming out! I do remember hearing something about it before, but I shook it off since there weren’t much info about it, but now it’s done and it’s here on the 21st of April :) I highly […]

Oasis – Kitaro – Nippon Month

March 26, 2017


The first time I heard about Kitaro was when I asked a friend of mine, who actually grew up partially in Japan, if he could provide me with some folk music from the Land of the Rising Sun. And among the links on Youtube he send me was a track by Kitaro and I was […]

Anarchy – Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku – Nippon Month

March 18, 2017


So when Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku released their latest album Anarchy last year, Nippon Month had just passed so I wanted to save it for the future, and it wasn’t really scheduled to be featured this year but I recently discovered that member Rina Matsuno sadly recently passed away very sudden at the young age of 18. […]

Linkage Ring – Garnidelia – Nippon Month

March 8, 2017


Before Babymetal there was Garnidelia. Nah okay that isn’t a completely fair comparison, but I’m surprised at how many seems to not know about Garnidelia, and only seem to think that Babymetal is the only female-fronted act from Japan that’s into the Metal genre. Granted, Garnidelia isn’t a pure Metal act but it takes a […]

Nippon Month 2017!

March 1, 2017


  As it is March 1 today my longest lasting (and only) theme-month returns for yet another year, spreading and talking about some fantastic Japanese music :) Every year when I close out Nippon Month I feel like it’s going to take forever until the next time, and I remember being disappointed last year for […]

End of Nippon Month 2016

March 31, 2016


So my friends, the month of March comes to an end and so does this years edition of Nippon Month too. Man, how fast does time fly by? Incredible.. And it also goes to say that this month has been completely chaotic for me.. So by logic the end shouldn’t have come so soon as […]

Kinpachi – Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku – Nippon Month

March 29, 2016


Another J-Pop album.. well this one I recieved in the mail during last years Nippon Month and I’ve been wanting to review it so badly ever since but I thought I couldn’t give it a fair review, but now when I have given it more time I most certainly feel sure I can do this […]

Amaranthus / Hakkin no Yoake – Momoiro Clover Z – Nippon Month

March 16, 2016


At the end of February last month the most popular of Japanese female idol groups, Momoiro Clover Z, released not one, but two new albums after 3 years since their last studio effort “5th Dimension” was released so naturally as a fan you get real excited and was willing to overpay a little to get […]